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Telehealth Office for Doctors – Video Consultation, e-Prescription, Appointment Booking, Online Payments

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EMO Telehealth Office

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Set up your Telehealth Office today and start offering video consultations to your patients. EMO Telehealth Office has everything you need to open and operate your telehealth office, including appointment booking, payments, video consultation, and e-prescription.


Video Consultation:

Use EMO Telehealth to connect with your patients and start a video session to examine your patients remotely using the app or a desktop computer.

Telehealth Appointment Booking:

Patients have the flexibility to book their telehealth appointments by calling your office or through online booking on your personal website or directly through patient app.


Use EMO Telehealth to record video consultation notes and directly send e-prescriptions for medications, diagnostic tests, etc., to patient’s mobile phone.


Patients have the flexibility to pay for their telehealth appointments remotely through a secure payment link or app using any card or a mobile wallet and the funds are directly deposited into doctor’s account.


Doctors and the medical staff can easily monitor and manage telehealth appointments, payments, reports, etc., using the EMO Telehealth Office dashboard from anywhere and anytime.


EMO Telehealth app enables doctors to offer remote video consultations to their patients from anywhere and anytime.
Doctors download EMO Telehealth app and complete their profile to activate their account.or sign up online.
EMO Telehealth Office basic plan is free. There is no set up fee either. Simply signup to open a telehealth office and start offering video consultations. Doctors can upgrade to standard plan anytime to avail additional features.
Patients call the doctor’s office to book and pay for a telehealth appointment. Doctor’s use the app to connect with the patients to provide video consultation. Prescriptions are sent directly to the patient’s mobile phone.
More and more patients are preferring remote video consultations from their home (Televisit), especially after COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors can use EMO Telehealth office to start offering telehealth appointments and treat patients remotely. Doctors can also treat patients in other towns and cities and increase their patient volume.