Pharmacies can join iPhysicianHub India Nationwide Healthcare Hub for free and update their free webpage so that the patients can easily find them and order prescriptions online through their Pharmacy store mobile app from anywhere and anytime.

Whenever pharmacies are ready to transition their pharmacy store to an electronic facility, they can sign up for EMO-iPharmacy – a cloud-based Pharmacy Management System and manage inventory, orders, refills, and payments. Pharmacies can also maintain a patient registry and use patient reach-out services to inform patients about new medications, discounts, etc.

Pharmacy stores can also download the EMO-iPharamacy app on tablets or mobile phones and book/confirm prescription orders, send notifications/refill reminders, collect payments, and print receipts.

  • Pharmacy Management System (PMS)
  • Prescription Orders, Inventory, Online Payment
  • Connect with Doctors and Patients
emo clinic

EMO-iPharmacy App

emo clinic emo clinic


  • Manage Sales & Sales Return
  • Receive Online Orders
  • Manage Inventory
  • Available Stock & Return Stock
  • Alerts Of Expired Stock
  • Alert Of Non- Moving Stock
  • Stock Under Limit Alert
  • Vendor & Manufacturers Detailed Report
  • Detailed Stock Report
  • Detailed Sales Report
  • Notification To The Patient
  • Financial Reports Employee Wise
  • Financial Reports Employee Wise
  • Set Re-Order Limit alert for patients

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